Lumideco range of creative wall lights for adding decor to Walls



Lumideco wall lights comprise of a range of functional decorative lamps, designer lights and architectural lighting products. The trending classy luminaries will make your places stand out from clutter and give you a different class. We believe this range will illuminate your spaces and add creativity to the way we illuminate walls.


A mesmerizing wall light for creating light scattered patterns on walls with an architectonic character during the day and a mystical efficacy at nightfall.

Fitted in different sizes, it’s  refined elements can be rotated and orientated in whatever way the user stipulates previously.

Each composition responds to the imagination of the interior design facilitating a bespoke installation. It is well suited for living room walls in residences, or reception areas of offices.


A built-in wall lamp with a single geometrically shaped mounted wall light that brings together a series of distinguishing versions of the same design.

The fundamental characteristic of the wall lamp is its geometric form creates a three dimensional effect through projecting shadows and light onto walls.

It is appropriate for public spaces as much as private applications which thanks to the great variety of models can be combined in endless configurations as if it were a motley of light. The light source works off a single plug connection.

A Wall Art combining circular wall lights of different sizes which are superimposed over one another to create dazzling compositions either on their own or grouped together.

The luminary provides an indirect light and only requires a single electrical point connection making it an effortless installation.

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