HOPO Hot Pot Restaurant sizzling with brilliant illumination.

In upscale restaurants, ambience is everything. The dining experience has to be comfortable and serene. To achieve this setting the mood is set through lighting, music, delicious food, interior design and service. Anyone going to a restaurant expects all of their senses to be tickled. Restaurant owners should keep this in mind. Taste, aroma, music, finishes, color, decorative art, service, people and light matters when people pick their go-to restaurants. These are the things that make up a dining experience.

For any cafetaria /restaurant, lighting is a crucial tool. Proper lighting design is what completes the idea for the restaurant which starts with designing the physical space and the furniture and objects within that space.

Lighting design provides:


  • Visibility – enhanced appearance of food
  • Boost Kitchen performance
  • Sets proper mood and ambience
  • creates desired colour and feel
  • Surface finishes
  • Higlights restaurants and attracts customers
  • Maintain safety and security


LED WORLD supplied a host of luminaries for HOPO Restaurant Dubai to create a warm welcoming and pleasant dining experience. Among them were Sylvania E27&lamp holders, Lumibright Tube Track lights, Eglo pendant light, Eglo wall lights and many more electrical supporting items.



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