Department Store Lighting For Shaklan Store at International City

Department store lighting is crucial to guide shoppers to make purchase decisions. Well lit inviting Retail store entrance areas draw in customers inside and encourage walk-ins. appropriate accent lighting in window displays attract attention, allow customers to quickly recognize, generate preference and choose among products, evaluate merchandise and read price tags, care tags and other instructions.

Shaklan Departmental stores at International City, Dubai required lavish accent lighting to highlight their wide assortment of merchandise displayed.

In order to foster elevated customer shopping experience at Shaklan as a daily chore, a choiced array of  Indue spotlights, Nice series spotlights , Double gimbals and Triple gimbals, Lumipro profiles, Task stem lights and Lumitronix drivers were installed throughout varied departmental stores to add an inviting illumination vibe over products and shelf-display, enhancing  the store image, for a comfortable shopping experience.

Lumibright products used were:

Shaklan Group upholds a long standing tradition of a prestigious and multi-faceted organization in Dubai. Its diversified business portfolio includes retail outlets, real estate development, restaurants, catering services, food distribution etc. Customers can choose from a wide variety of quality products, in every category ranging from fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat, dairy products, apparels, shoes, toys etc.



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