Eco-friendly Ambient Lighting at the Dubai Mall with Lumibright Luminaires:


The Dubai Mall required retrofit lighting and LWS Lighting Solutions ( A division of LED WORLD LLC), were given the opportunity to offer eco-friendly Lighting solutions opting to supply Lumibright LED lights, to provide the optimum solutions for improving overall lighting, matching lumen to existing lights, standard lux level achievement within design and eco-friendly energy-efficient illumination.


A befitting set of G PRO spotlights were fixed in the Food court arena of the mall, where food lover’s relish varied cuisines.  Indue spotlight gimbals were installed at the Ground floor of the Dubai Mall, popularly known as Sikka Street. Zeal track lights were fixed in the hard to reach colossal lofty galleria area along with G PRO Spotlights. Lumipro recessed profiles were installed on the ceiling at various floors to provide elegantly laced decorative cove lighting to embellish ambience & foster hassle-free navigation through aisles.

Mr. Shanil Basheer, Project Manager, LWS lighting solutions expressed that the project demands were to achieve high lumen output within existing cutout and measurements for the Retrofit lighting solution, with immediate delivery and installation.  We were compelled to support the installation especially that of the track lights that had to be installed in the lofty hard to reach galleria. The installation commenced after mall trading hours 12:00 am midnight – 7.00am within a span of 2 weeks only. Even though the installation were risky due to the hard to reach lofty galleria area, we managed to expedite the lighting process so that visitors particularly tourists can enjoy even more ambient lighting in the Dubai Mall.

The newly installed LED Luminaires offer pleasing atmosphere for millions of customers & tourists visiting the mall helping shoppers effortlessly navigate across the shopping centers with ease. The brilliant illumination is sure to uplift overall service experience whilst enhancing architecture, improving operational efficiency & reducing maintenance costs.

Lighting products in Dubai Mall :

DUBAI MALL:The world’s largest shopping, entertainment & leisure Retail Heaven destination ‘The Dubai Mall’ located at the foot of Burj Khalifa; stretches across 1.1 million sq/m, allowing visitors to shop from over varied 1,200 retail outlets. Visit:



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