Lumibright decorative lighting collection 2018


The pendant lights as a single entity or in a group are urbane and slender, projecting a pleasing accent lighting.​

Available in varied colour options, they can be suspended at variable heights for creating  an overall innovative timeless look.​

Vibia-slim-6.jpgDILUZ SERIES:

With a minimalist slender shape the luminaire is a blend of modern simplicity and functionality,  occurring as a single element or in a cluster of many.​

Blocks-Ceiling-Mount-Ultra-Modern-LightSILON SERIES :

Minimal, modern pendant and ceiling  &  wall fixtures packed full of style for creating architectural appeal in interior spaces. This statement piece will add a glamourous appeal to your  office reception,  cafe interiors, living room,  dining room, or plainly pep up plain walls.

3-2.jpg_640x640SWIRL SERIES:

The hanging rings of  light, artistically creates subtle, magical lighting. It symbolically personifies the fusion of light and matter whilst illuminating interior spaces.


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