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Colourful Walled Lights featured in Insideout Magazine, Dubai.

INSIDE OUT MAGAZINE Colourful wall lights Lumibright_Page_2.jpgWall lights come in many diverse shapes, colours &  sizes. However, they do have one thing in common, they are all a great way to add signature style to a room’s look and feel. 

Cheap Decorating Ideas For Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments On Cheap Price Best Collection Coloured Walled Lights add a tinge of liveliness to your interior spaces & break monotonous feel, inviting in exuberance to enliven your spaces.

Detachable scones can all introduce different tones & colours, to craft a bright & lively atmosphere in the room.

3D CUBE .jpg

Coloured 3D Cube Wall Scones arranged in patterns that add great design & decor to wall, uplifting ambience of the place.

The wall scones are detachable, that can be painted with multiple colours to add shades to dormant walls.


Lines Wall lights intertwined to camouflage into the colour of your wall, reflecting lights beneath to add decor to interior spaces.

The light fixture can be integrated into your environment, complementing it with various accents of the same or similar colour.

MAREK.jpg  Painted Marek Spherical Luminaires to uplift the room ambience from boring, monotonous and gloomy atmosphere to a room bustling with exhilaration & enthusiasm visually uplifting ones mood through the subtle power of colour on one’s soul. 


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Cozy shelf-lighting with lumibrights WAY mini- spotlights


This range of miniature LED spotlights provide ambient lighting making your space feel nice, lavish & cozy.

They instantly brighten up your shadowy corners & shelves to give your interior space a touch of sophistication at the same time.

Emitting less heat & with IP40 they can be used safely in smaller spaces to illuminate book shelves, kitchen cabinets, showcases with fancy artwork & tiny sculptures, photo frames, cosmetic racks, all to beautify, increase visibility or help find items with ease.

The mini-spotlights are available in Black, White & Silver Finish.

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Eco-friendly Ambient Lighting at the Dubai Mall with Lumibright Luminaires:


The Dubai Mall required retrofit lighting and LWS Lighting Solutions ( A division of LED WORLD LLC), were given the opportunity to offer eco-friendly Lighting solutions opting to supply Lumibright LED lights, to provide the optimum solutions for improving overall lighting, matching lumen to existing lights, standard lux level achievement within design and eco-friendly energy-efficient illumination.


A befitting set of G PRO spotlights were fixed in the Food court arena of the mall, where food lover’s relish varied cuisines.  Indue spotlight gimbals were installed at the Ground floor of the Dubai Mall, popularly known as Sikka Street. Zeal track lights were fixed in the hard to reach colossal lofty galleria area along with G PRO Spotlights. Lumipro recessed profiles were installed on the ceiling at various floors to provide elegantly laced decorative cove lighting to embellish ambience & foster hassle-free navigation through aisles.

Mr. Shanil Basheer, Project Manager, LWS lighting solutions expressed that the project demands were to achieve high lumen output within existing cutout and measurements for the Retrofit lighting solution, with immediate delivery and installation.  We were compelled to support the installation especially that of the track lights that had to be installed in the lofty hard to reach galleria. The installation commenced after mall trading hours 12:00 am midnight – 7.00am within a span of 2 weeks only. Even though the installation were risky due to the hard to reach lofty galleria area, we managed to expedite the lighting process so that visitors particularly tourists can enjoy even more ambient lighting in the Dubai Mall.

The newly installed LED Luminaires offer pleasing atmosphere for millions of customers & tourists visiting the mall helping shoppers effortlessly navigate across the shopping centers with ease. The brilliant illumination is sure to uplift overall service experience whilst enhancing architecture, improving operational efficiency & reducing maintenance costs.

Lighting products in Dubai Mall :

DUBAI MALL:The world’s largest shopping, entertainment & leisure Retail Heaven destination ‘The Dubai Mall’ located at the foot of Burj Khalifa; stretches across 1.1 million sq/m, allowing visitors to shop from over varied 1,200 retail outlets. Visit:


LED World showcases Lumibrights new Integrated LED Handrail Lighting System:

With clever engineering and design, the LED Railing Module is an innovative versatile system offering unique lighting with unrivalled uniformity and photometric performance. Eliminating the need to light an entire area, the integrated Railing System helps to increase safety & security – at minimal cost- thanks to its low energy consumption.

With stainless steel body & water-proof IP67, it is well-suited for interior /exterior staircase, atrium surrounds stairs, balconies, viewing galleries, ramp ways, pedestrian bridges and walkways. 

One of the main features of the handrail lights installed in public areas is for safety and vandal resistance. Illuminated handrail systems also provide decorative lighting when incorporated into street-furniture, and urban art installations by enhancing aesthetics and increasing visibility.

Powerful, yet small and unobtrusive  each CREE LED module provide an oval shaped beam with a sharp cut-off designed to obtain non-overbearing illumination with a high degree of uniformity, minimal glare, nil light spill or wasted light. The rail lights can be installed in new handrail or retrofitted into existing handrail.

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Department Store Lighting For Shaklan Store at International City

Department store lighting is crucial to guide shoppers to make purchase decisions. Well lit inviting Retail store entrance areas draw in customers inside and encourage walk-ins. appropriate accent lighting in window displays attract attention, allow customers to quickly recognize, generate preference and choose among products, evaluate merchandise and read price tags, care tags and other instructions.

Shaklan Departmental stores at International City, Dubai required lavish accent lighting to highlight their wide assortment of merchandise displayed.

In order to foster elevated customer shopping experience at Shaklan as a daily chore, a choiced array of  Indue spotlights, Nice series spotlights , Double gimbals and Triple gimbals, Lumipro profiles, Task stem lights and Lumitronix drivers were installed throughout varied departmental stores to add an inviting illumination vibe over products and shelf-display, enhancing  the store image, for a comfortable shopping experience.

Lumibright products used were:

Shaklan Group upholds a long standing tradition of a prestigious and multi-faceted organization in Dubai. Its diversified business portfolio includes retail outlets, real estate development, restaurants, catering services, food distribution etc. Customers can choose from a wide variety of quality products, in every category ranging from fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat, dairy products, apparels, shoes, toys etc.


HOPO Hot Pot Restaurant sizzling with brilliant illumination.

In upscale restaurants, ambience is everything. The dining experience has to be comfortable and serene. To achieve this setting the mood is set through lighting, music, delicious food, interior design and service. Anyone going to a restaurant expects all of their senses to be tickled. Restaurant owners should keep this in mind. Taste, aroma, music, finishes, color, decorative art, service, people and light matters when people pick their go-to restaurants. These are the things that make up a dining experience.

For any cafetaria /restaurant, lighting is a crucial tool. Proper lighting design is what completes the idea for the restaurant which starts with designing the physical space and the furniture and objects within that space.

Lighting design provides:


  • Visibility – enhanced appearance of food
  • Boost Kitchen performance
  • Sets proper mood and ambience
  • creates desired colour and feel
  • Surface finishes
  • Higlights restaurants and attracts customers
  • Maintain safety and security


LED WORLD supplied a host of luminaries for HOPO Restaurant Dubai to create a warm welcoming and pleasant dining experience. Among them were Sylvania E27&lamp holders, Lumibright Tube Track lights, Eglo pendant light, Eglo wall lights and many more electrical supporting items.



55106Premium Floor / Ground-recessed miniature luminary fixtures for decorative, architectural and scenographic lighting. 

With its die-cast aluminium body along with tempered glass diffuser for softer light effect, its special design construction details make it suitable for indoor / outdoor installation. Exclusive features include miniaturization, chromatic quality, energy efficiency and superior visual comfort. 


The tillable ground light fittings are designed  to create luminous path or for spectacular light effects to enhance architecture, tree clusters and walls, even in exposed outdoor weather conditions or humid environments  around swimming pools with the use of an IP67 rating. 

With its myriad of aesthetic configurations adjustable MIASCA Series are ideal for walkways, footpaths, pathways, decks and pool surroundings.

Lumideco range of creative wall lights for adding decor to Walls



Lumideco wall lights comprise of a range of functional decorative lamps, designer lights and architectural lighting products. The trending classy luminaries will make your places stand out from clutter and give you a different class. We believe this range will illuminate your spaces and add creativity to the way we illuminate walls.


A mesmerizing wall light for creating light scattered patterns on walls with an architectonic character during the day and a mystical efficacy at nightfall.

Fitted in different sizes, it’s  refined elements can be rotated and orientated in whatever way the user stipulates previously.

Each composition responds to the imagination of the interior design facilitating a bespoke installation. It is well suited for living room walls in residences, or reception areas of offices.


A built-in wall lamp with a single geometrically shaped mounted wall light that brings together a series of distinguishing versions of the same design.

The fundamental characteristic of the wall lamp is its geometric form creates a three dimensional effect through projecting shadows and light onto walls.

It is appropriate for public spaces as much as private applications which thanks to the great variety of models can be combined in endless configurations as if it were a motley of light. The light source works off a single plug connection.

A Wall Art combining circular wall lights of different sizes which are superimposed over one another to create dazzling compositions either on their own or grouped together.

The luminary provides an indirect light and only requires a single electrical point connection making it an effortless installation.

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Dustin Floor-recessed Light Streaks


Linear streaks of light are a new lighting concept for fresh interpretation of spaces.

Designed as a walk-over fitting, they create intriguing paths of lights, making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping.

Using a subtle interplay of juxtaposed surfaces they create a precise balanced linear emission suited for illuminating floors and walkways.


  • By joining multiple units, desired lengths of light can be achieved seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality in architectural design.
  • Equipped with state of the art LED technology, it gives increased light efficiency and visual charm.
  • Being recessed version, the magic of this fixture is amplified by hiding the source of light.
  • With IP 67 and high quality stainless steel the light fixture is also ideal for high salinity environments.




The Linear Lights are ideal to create lines of light wagon,  diffuse and discrete to be used in applications varying from mood lighting to general lighting in both open and closed spaces.

Extremely easy to install, this product can transform any space with class and refinement using colorful seduction of light. LED Linear light are used to decorate room corners, stairways, hallways, stage-floor, driveways, walkways, water-features, foot-paths, boundary walls, cobblestone paths in gardens  etc.

Commercial floor lighting and decorative lighting for clubs & venues, nightclubs, restaurants & cafes, public spaces, garden pathways and recreational zones.