Lumitronix DMX Controller solutions


RF and Wifi enabled controllers

DMX dimmer controllers fully compatible with variety of single color, dual and RGB/RGBW RF remotes.

Multiple zones can be controlled separately or synchronously with endless receivers.

Brightness of each R, G, B & W can be adjusted to achieve millions of colors.

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Lumideco new collections 2018-Porliar, Misty, Tune and Infinity

Elegant Lumideco 2018 collection series


Suspended numerous glass spheres in metallic finishes, integrated with LED technology, adding distinction & grandeur to spaces in classic & modern environments.



Elegant spheres of solid glass lingering in the air from composed lines, in combinations, setting a minimalistic design that spellbounds transforming any space.


Enigmatic long metallic lines that enchant large spaces by filling gaps. The luminaires have a stainless steel finish, available in rose copper, golden and chrome colours.



Wild twists and turns in plain chrome finish pendant light for a baffling view, yet serene lighting effect, captivating and enhancing decor.

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Introducing Lumibright modular range, solutions for indoor architectural lighting.


Modular combination spots –powered by tridonic

  • Fits in most existing MR16 / GU10 halogen luminaires
  • Replacement of 50 W MR16 halogen lamps or 20 W HID lamp
  • Module with integrated heatsink and optics
  • Free choice of variable dimming and non-dimming LED Drivers
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installation
  • Eye-catching lens optic with mirrors halogen facettes
  • Module luminous efficacy up to 104 lm/W
  • Higher CRI, typical Ra = 92
  • Colour temperatures 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 K
  • High colour consistency (MacAdam 3)
  • Beam Angle: spot degree (24°) or downlight (36°)
  • Long life-time: L70B50 >50,000 h
  • 5-year guarantee

COLLAGE.jpgLumibright Spotlights fixtures: Presenting Lumibright architectural grade specification lighting fixtures. These revolutionary downlights incorporate sophisticated control mechanisms providing hassle free installation & effortless adjustment for most architectural spaces.

modular light box.jpg

  • Fixtures with deep regressed lamp position offer minimal glare.
  • Discreet trim ring with magnetic front for easy re-lamping and rotation.
  • Fixed and adjustable versions in all sizes, with low voltage.
  • The range includes Multi, for one, two & three lamp permutations for both Trim & Trimless applications.

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Lumibright decorative lighting collection 2018


The pendant lights as a single entity or in a group are urbane and slender, projecting a pleasing accent lighting.​

Available in varied colour options, they can be suspended at variable heights for creating  an overall innovative timeless look.​

Vibia-slim-6.jpgDILUZ SERIES:

With a minimalist slender shape the luminaire is a blend of modern simplicity and functionality,  occurring as a single element or in a cluster of many.​

Blocks-Ceiling-Mount-Ultra-Modern-LightSILON SERIES :

Minimal, modern pendant and ceiling  &  wall fixtures packed full of style for creating architectural appeal in interior spaces. This statement piece will add a glamourous appeal to your  office reception,  cafe interiors, living room,  dining room, or plainly pep up plain walls.

3-2.jpg_640x640SWIRL SERIES:

The hanging rings of  light, artistically creates subtle, magical lighting. It symbolically personifies the fusion of light and matter whilst illuminating interior spaces.


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LED Flood lights are popular as they provide large quantities of bright light spread across large areas. They can be employed for both safety and decor solutions.

With an IP65, they are impervious to temperature fluctuations and enviornmental changes.

They are suitable for any outdoor venues, against extreme weather conditions, providing eco-friendly bright & focussed illumination.

Flood lights ensuring safety and intense illumination are  suitable for illumination of gardens, stadiums, playgrounds, warehouses, parking spaces, railways, airports, bridges, sculptures, outdoor functions and various architectural constructions / high rise monuments.

Lumibright jewelry lights illuminating finest details for big & expensive decisions  

malabar gold2

Choosen Jewelry spotlights & task lights with high lumen focus on jewelry/diamonds to get them sparkling & instantly noticed highlighting minute features.

The illuminants are energy-saving, environmental -friendly & easy to install adding luminous glow to high-end jewelry, gold, silver, pearls, precious stones & diamonds.

LB2523.jpgSPARKLY ROTATING SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Rotating LED spotlight with CREE LED, high CRI & nil ultraviolet radiation adds shimmer to jewelry/diamonds for a vibrant display.

The rotatable design makes the showroom dynamic, jewelry sparkling with different colors & dimmable options for a unique appeal and atmosphere.

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Lumisolar Outdoor Luminaires built to last from Lumibright:

Lumisolar Luminaires are built to last with self-contained solar outdoor LEDs for building safer, more eco-friendly communities.

Lumisolar bollards, street lights, wall lamps and in-ground lights are simple to install, taking only 15 minutes per fixture.


Solar lighting systems connect to a truly “infinite” power source – the sun. The lights turn on when the sun goes down.

The sheer nature of solar power makes it a near perfect solution for any outdoor lighting application from parking lots to street lights. Outdoor lighting is typically required only during the night, which leaves the daytime for obtaining solar energy that can then be converted to electrical power, used for powering light sources overnight when most needed.

* Wire-free lighting.

* Durable maintenance free illumination.

* Considerable savings on time & money.

* Natural light complements projects aesthetics.


They are well suited for illuminating

Pedestrian precinct, pathways, parks, gardens, parking lots and playgrounds.








Premium Office Lighting solutions for KGA Office with Lumibright Lights.

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Office Lighting can influence work productivity and the ability to perform office duties effectively. In order to perform their best with maximum productivity, workers need good light to see what they are doing. Office is the place where creativity comes to life, and Lumibright believes in providing modern creative illumination to spaces.

Newly opened KGA Group Office  required optimal lighting solutions for its Office located at JBC 4, Jumeirah Lake towers.

DZ Design the interior designer of the office recommended Lumibright brand for its trendy lighting design with high performance.

To deliver a functional and ambient yet majestic office lighting solution,a series of grain series spotlights, tube tracklights, square panel lights, lumipro profiles, lumideco deocorative pendant lights, striplights and lumitronix drivers  were fitted to pep up the office brightness complimenting decor and augmenting ambience.

Products Used:

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