LED World Sponsors LED Goodie gift bags for winning couples on Valentine Day’s

Valentine day celebrations were organised by Flowers 94.7 at the Pearl Beach Hotel, Umm Al Quwain.

Couples along with their families were invited for the gala evening party with games, dance and fun filled programmes.

Led World LLC sponsored LED Goodie Gift bags for the 20 winning couples, as a way of illuminating their lives with love.


Lumibright jewelry lights illuminating finest details for big & expensive decisions  

malabar gold2

Choosen Jewelry spotlights & task lights with high lumen focus on jewelry/diamonds to get them sparkling & instantly noticed highlighting minute features.

The illuminants are energy-saving, environmental -friendly & easy to install adding luminous glow to high-end jewelry, gold, silver, pearls, precious stones & diamonds.

LB2523.jpgSPARKLY ROTATING SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Rotating LED spotlight with CREE LED, high CRI & nil ultraviolet radiation adds shimmer to jewelry/diamonds for a vibrant display.

The rotatable design makes the showroom dynamic, jewelry sparkling with different colors & dimmable options for a unique appeal and atmosphere.



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Lumisolar Outdoor Luminaires built to last from Lumibright:

Lumisolar Luminaires are built to last with self-contained solar outdoor LEDs for building safer, more eco-friendly communities.

Lumisolar bollards, street lights, wall lamps and in-ground lights are simple to install, taking only 15 minutes per fixture.


Solar lighting systems connect to a truly “infinite” power source – the sun. The lights turn on when the sun goes down.

The sheer nature of solar power makes it a near perfect solution for any outdoor lighting application from parking lots to street lights. Outdoor lighting is typically required only during the night, which leaves the daytime for obtaining solar energy that can then be converted to electrical power, used for powering light sources overnight when most needed.

* Wire-free lighting.

* Durable maintenance free illumination.

* Considerable savings on time & money.

* Natural light complements projects aesthetics.


They are well suited for illuminating

Pedestrian precinct, pathways, parks, gardens, parking lots and playgrounds.





















Premium Office Lighting solutions for KGA Office with Lumibright Lights.

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Office Lighting can influence work productivity and the ability to perform office duties effectively. In order to perform their best with maximum productivity, workers need good light to see what they are doing. Office is the place where creativity comes to life, and Lumibright believes in providing modern creative illumination to spaces.

Newly opened KGA Group Office  required optimal lighting solutions for its Office located at JBC 4, Jumeirah Lake towers.

DZ Design the interior designer of the office recommended Lumibright brand for its trendy lighting design with high performance.

To deliver a functional and ambient yet majestic office lighting solution,a series of grain series spotlights, tube tracklights, square panel lights, lumipro profiles, lumideco deocorative pendant lights, striplights and lumitronix drivers  were fitted to pep up the office brightness complimenting decor and augmenting ambience.

Products Used:

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Lumibright Task lights for enhancing commercial display

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Task light series are an optimum lighting solutions for commercial display, offering a systematic uniform beam of light over interested objects to increase visibility & aesthetical appeal.

New smart technology enable task lights to provide clear direct high efficient illumination by consuming power at minimal level, thus conserving energy. 



> Provide impressive, efficient & stable illumination, without much energy consumption.

> Enhances product appeal attracting the attention of customers.


> Professional design blends style with functionality, virtually enhancing value of commercial products.

> Reliable & durable illumination, easy to clean & maintain.


Slender in design, the slim task luminaires are aptly suited
for augmenting the commercial display of products such as
high-end jewelries, luxurious watches, pens, antique items, cell phone models & various accessories at boutique stores. 

These pole like lights are very easy to install in retail cabinets, jewelry showcases or product shelves for commercial display, bringing elegant illumination to highlight your product.




Lighting is the most significant part of workplace physical conditions. Proper lighting involves adequate amount of light, proper dispersal and diffusion, absence of glare, freedom from fluctuation and freedom from injurious invisible radiations. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of good office lighting, it is also a necessity for employees’ health and better work performance. Learning is enabled and facilitators are facilitated under optimum premise illumination.

Newly opened Academy building (G+4)  for DEWA on plot # 322-178 at Al Hudaiba – Dubai required functional and ambient office lighting.

To suffice premium illumination needs, a series of Lumibright square panel lights,  kael series downlights, grain series spotlights, lagoon pendant lights, tondo one-way wall lights , arizona two-way wall lights, potra and aliyah wall lights, elsie bollard lights, pindos spike lights, detect underwater lights and lumiflex striplights were fitted to provide optimal energy-efficient illumination.
















Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public service infrastructure company owned by Dubai Government.

The DEWA academy located in Satwa would facilitate and train an eligible and intelligent lot of engineers to serve the company for fulfilling an adequate and reliable supply of electricity and water to residents of Dubai.

Lumibright Luminaires at Bobbi Brown Retail outlet, Bahrain

Lighting is very important to give final touches to the look of the store. When it comes to cosmetics, the lighting must highlight not only the products however furthermore mark the colour shades appear as in natural setting outside the store. For make-up lovers and professional make-up artists choosing the right foundation, blush, or eyeliner is dependent on the color temperature and crispness of light.

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Leading Bobbi Brown retail outlet located at Bahrain City Centre, Bahrain required enticing illumination inside its stores for fostering cosmetic selection from wide shades and colour tones of cosmetics.

A series of Griffin series spotlights, single and double gimbals, strip lights and recessed linear profiles were fitted to create a subtle yet sophisticated warm lighting effect.

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A renowned make-up and skin-care retail chain that retains complete creative control of the make-up line.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is the no. 1 make-up artist brand founded by a women. The brand is available in more than 60 countries and distributed at exclusive stores.


Light module LED

Lumipro profiles allow designers to bend, twist, and curve the streaks of lights for re-shaping the profiles to create amazing lighting designs.

The flexibility of bendable aluminum profiles allows for varied designs such as circular, semi-circular, hexagonal, octagonal, triangular, rectangular, and star-shaped and many more unimaginable fascinating shapes of lights. The mix and match of bandwagons of lights provide you the flexibility to craft your own style statement.

Each pattern is so vivid and rare, eye-catchy and a piece of mesmerizing art that stands out from clutter for a noticeable effect. And with combination designs, it definitely enables to make your space elegant and energy-efficient.

The lights emitted from the resistant LED profiles blends harmoniously into the walls or ceiling structures. Deepen your perception of space and transform interiors with the seduction of light. With formation of unique shapes and silhouettes, it gives new life to architecture.

Light pours from the profiles and falls on surfaces like a waterfall, making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping. The semi-recessed version enhances the magic of this fixture by hiding the source of light.

Enjoy the amazing mix/match jigsaw with LED profiles.
You can customize almost infinite lighting patterns as wild as your imagination permits or limits!

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Unique and contemporary in design, the slim linear luminaires seamlessly integrate into interior design to enhance architecture.

With a floating weightless appearance, their strong visual appeal is aptly suited for commercial offices, stylish villas, supermarkets, department stores, museums, theatres, educational institutes, recreational areas, metro/bus stations and various public places.



Versatile modular lines of captivating linear light

This ground-breaking modular lighting system is designed for creating unimaginable light architectures to make the environment marginal yet indispensable. The brand new ultra-lightweight linear profiles are versatile enough to meet any design needs guaranteeing extraordinary visual light comfort for every application beyond ordinary imagination.

With an innovative, sleek, clear body design, profile linear lighting spread soft indirect light emissions over walls or ceiling or floor from flat surfaces creating paths of light with perfect uniformity and unlimited lengths. LED aluminum profiles are available in variety of depth and length according to clients need to blend into every lighting project and can be fitted in either single module formats or joint-free long continuous rows of uninterrupted lines of light.

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The Flexible version of LED aluminum extrusion that are re-shapeable ideally suit curved lighting applications making the lighting design overwhelmingly captivating. They also come in varied colors of LED with regulated intensity of lights and dimming capabilities. Minimalism, modularity and ease of installation characterize the LED profiles that are extremely easy to install, transforming any space with class and refinement. Being a perfect fusion of performance, flexibility and sparkling nominal design, all in a single product the LED Profiles ensure optimal performance, endurance and low energy demand.


The soft glare-free bi-directional light protruding from the light-weight linear profiles achieve amazing aesthetical incredible efficacy, which allow designers the freedom to use this application even in the most demanding and hard to reach areas.

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The product can be mounted individually, or in long continuous lines as a suspended pendant luminaire, or directly to the surface of a wall or ceiling, and as recessed mounted using the frames, even on staircases, handrails or furniture such as shelves ends, showcases, wardrobes, jewelry racks etc.

They are perfectly suited for residences, commercial offices, Retail outlets & showrooms, auditoriums, supermarkets, educational institutes, service & hospitality sectors, much more…

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Lumibright’s Bendable LED profiles , flexible enough to be shaped.

Ideal for curved LED lighting applications.

Fitting aluminum LED extrusions to a curved surface was a hassle in the past. Giving you complete freedom to alter the LED extrusion in any way you need, the flexible construction of the LED profiles will definitely fit your tastes and even a demanding customer will be literally delighted with the smart design that meets most demanding lighting designs. Brighten entire living rooms, kitchens or hallways– it couldn’t be easier with the super bright bendable LED aluminium extrusions. Light up your residential/commercial spaces & enjoy pleasant rays, coming out of a subtle, LED aluminium extrusion.

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Bendable Aluminium extrusions are an excellent option to take your strip light installations to the next level. These LED aluminum channels/profiles are not only a great housing for strip lights but also act as a heat sink for them as well, which in turn will expand your LEDs lifetime as well as brightness over time. The frosted covers conceal the LED strip and make for a professional looking light fixture. Included polycarbonate Opaque Cover protects the LED strip inside the channel and the end caps protect the extrusion from dust & undesirable elements, which can make LED strips dirty, which prevent consequent deterioration of the lighting parameters. Easily assembled, the extrusion can be mounted to surfaces using mounting brackets.

The LED strip profile accessories are easy to assemble and install, they include:

  • End caps.
  • L-shaped brackets.
  • Special mounting clips.
  • Milky diffusers/covers.

They are ideal for straight linear runs or can be bend, shaped to curved surfaces for easy installation. Made from high quality aluminium alloy and double-anodized, it can be used with strip lights that allow the strips to be mounted in such a way that they give off light in one direction (for instance, toward the ceiling) or even in dual directions (ceiling as well as towards the floor).

The mix and match of colourful strip lights would create a spectacular display crafting a floating look for ceiling or vibrant luminosity for walls, shelves or cove. The indirect light emitted from the profiles is widespread and very captivating. The best thing about indirect lighting: it is completely glare-free!

Lumibright offers a wide range of Aluminum Extrusion profiles, which enables architects, interior designers, retailers & home improvement contractors to create amazing interior designs. They are easily fixed on the ceiling, floors, in corners or in other places inside or outside of the building. Moreover, all extrusions, can be easily cut to size, with the use of simple tools and, as a result – perfectly fit with the length of your stairs, mirror or wall.

Being compact, slim and easy to install, aluminium LED profiles are a versatile solution with only your imagination being the limit of their perfect application for:

  • Floor, wall, cove and ceiling extrusions for architectural, retail, office and home projects.
  • Corner profiles for Retail and Jewellery display.
  • Under stairs, Mirror corners and aisles.
  • Furniture’s such as under cabinets, ledges, shelves, drawers, cupboards &closet.
  • Exhibits, office furniture & workstations.